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Private Tutoring

We provide one-to-one learning in the comfort of your own home and at the convenience of your child. New Life Program provides private and personalised tutoring for your child and will work with your child at his/her own pace. With an experienced language tutor from us, your child will have a customised program that matches his/her abilities.


Our prices are dependent on how many hours a week you want and the time of of the week. Call us today or send us a message to get more details.



Small Group: Two-to-Three or 4 to 6 Tutoring

The small group tutoring are may be better suited for those who like to communicate and talk to other students, and develop confidence. This is also much more cost effective. The group will help your child to practise normal conversations, correctly pronounce all sounds and also gain that extra confidence when speaking with other children in all manner of situations.


You can get a group of friends together and call us; we would be happy to discuss when is best for you to be there for your small group and the price.


Parents: can discuss your child’s academic situation and goals with our Language tutor. These goals and challenges will form the basis for our personalized, one-on-one academic assessment and tutoring for your child.


You can schedule a free, one-on-one assesment with feedback from our tutor. Our tutors are helpful in understanding your child’s unique strengths and challenges and will work with them to develop confidence and full potential.


We make it easy to enrol your child in a full- service tutoring program. Students may enrol any time of the year, except the month of July.


We make it affordable as a non-profit organisation. Feel free to call us or send an email for further information.  


Business English: In an increasingly globalization and economy, strong communication skills can prove to be a significant asset in the business market; a good knowledge and communication in English language can create many different opportunities for you.


Our Business English Courses allow professional people and highly motivated learners to develop their skills necessary to succeed in a competitive business world. We offer intensive, challenging and practical programmes designed to help develop speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.


This part of our course focuses on the language required in a business environment; for example, telephone calls, meetings, presentations, note-taking, writing emails and reports.


Some of the most common reasons for attending  English Classes are:

  • For future career prospects

  • For travel purposes

  • To improve grades at school/achieve success in exams

  • For study or life in an English speaking country

  • To communicate with colleagues/friends/partners

  • Out of interest in languages


Whatever the reason, NLP is here to give you adequate learning to help you achieve these goals. Our teachers will ensure that lessons are enjoyable, interesting, varied and useful in order to maintain or build motivation to reach your goal.




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