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Welcome to New Life English Course/Tutoring!


English is now spoken as a main language by over 300 million people around the world and as a second language by many people. It is the world’s most widely used language. To master English will enable a person to communicate with most people and gives you an advantage to future carrier which often is required at some jobs.

Good English enables people to express themselves with creativity, imagination and confidence. A good knowledge of English language would enhance your child’s communication skills and advance your child’s personal and academic goals.  


Mission: To equip people; be it  your child, a professional, working adult, Job seekers or overseas students for working and living successfully in other countries, with minimal struggles and gain confidence of the English Language. It’s a Language Program for all.


We offer English tutoring as a foreign language to suit you and your child’s goals, We have keen interest in tutoring students;


  • who don’t have any knowledge of English at all,

  • who may be falling behind in their English language studies at school,

  • those who want to practise speaking English,

  • and in addition to assisting more able students who are aiming to perfect the already good prior knowledge and want to maximise their performance.

  • Or students that want to learn for fun, or as a second language.


Travel Overseas; Or have you plans to travel or move to an English speaking country but still lack confidence when it comes to writing and speaking English? Or has it been a while since you took an English language course and are looking to refresh your language skills again?


 You are welcome to enroll; in one of our courses starting soon or already in progress. After few lessons you will find that you are able to cope with some of the challanges in the English Language, gain confidence, and embark on a journey towards a great social life and possibly job opportunities here and in other countries.

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