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What You get at the Course
The content of each course is dependent on the classes or levels.  The Beginners class begins with the basics of Norwegian greetings, vocabularly,  grammar, syntax and phonetics, and progresses to expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of idiomatic expressions, and onto learning about the norwegian culture and society, and goes on to learning how to write CV’s, job interviews, and other important informations that might help learners integrate comfortebly in Norway.
On each of the course we cover some of those areas of the language which are challenging to learners, such topics like conjugation of nouns, prepositions, verbs and sentence structure. You will also have opportunity to listening, writing and pronunciation exercises in the class, with focus on improving these areas. 
In addition, students will have access to online interactive exercises with which to practise at home for personal progress.


Our qualified teachers will do their best to support and encourage the students in any way possible; to help increase interest in learning and improving language skills; sometimes will include different teaching styles or activities that could help meet your learning ability.


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