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Beginners Level A1 - A basic knowledge of the English language gives one an opportunity to be able to understand and communicate effectively with people from other countries.


As a student, you will learn the skills you need to master written and spoken English in academic as well as everyday situations. One of the great features of our courses is that we allow a time within the courses when you can have a cup of coffee/tea and practise speaking with others in your class or with the tutor. It also gives you an opportunity to meet new friends and socialise with them.  


Some of the most common reasons for attending  English Classes are:

  • For future career prospects

  • For travel purposes

  • To improve grades at school/achieve success in exams.

  • For study or live in an English speaking country

  • To communicate with colleagues/friends/partners

  • Out of interest in languages


Whatever the reason, our course is here to give you adequate learning to help you achieve these goals.


Our teachers will ensure that lessons are enjoyable, interesting, varied and useful in order to maintain or build motivation to reach your goal.

Contact us today for a private Lesson - call Tel. 99320433

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