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Children Age 5 - 7, 8 -10 and 11 - 13 Years

New Life English enables children to express themselves with creativity, imagination and confidence. A good knowledge of English language would enhance your child’s communication skills and advance your child’s personal and academic goals.


It's vital to ensure children at a young age get the best educational start in life. Our friendly English tutors have great experience to help them gain better levels and boost their confidence.


We can also help your child with their English homework, proof reading essays, analysing difficult passages from English text or answering any questions on grammar and vocabulary. 


Our tutors are specially trained to work with young learners and keep them engaged and motivated through the tutoring lesson. Our tutoring sessions will help your child become confident and successful in the classroom.


International Students: Anyone who wish to take a degree in certain courses in other countires that are taught in English must meet the school's language requirements. Such students must either pass the ESL,  ESOL, or other Test to be eligible for admission. Our one on one session will help you prepare for that. 


Business English: In many cases, the knowledge of English language is necessary for getting a job in Norway and for communicating effectively with work colleagues. However in certain sectors a good knowledge of English will be sufficient, such as seasonal work in restaurants, or for some jobs in the hotel and in the construction industry.


Social Life with Foreigners In Norway: A basic knowledge of the English language gives one an opportunity to be able to understand and communicate effectively with people from other countries.


As a student, you will learn the skills you need to master written and spoken English in academic as well as everyday situations. One of the great features of our courses is that we allow a time within the courses when you can have a cup of coffee/tea and practise speaking with others in your class or with the tutor. It also gives you an opportunity to meet new friends and socialise with them.  

Contact us today for a private lesson for your child - Tel. 99320433
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