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         Welcome to New Life Norwegian Course          
for Speakers of Other Languages!


Living in Norway gives you an exceptional and remarkable opportunity to learn and practise Norwegian. We offer different level courses in Norwegian to help students learn Norwegian as a second language. 


Our mission: to equip people; be it professionals, working adults, at home mums, oversea students or or those just interested in the Norwegian language; for working and living successfully and comfortably in Norway with minimal struggles and to gain confidence and competence of the Language.


Our Courses are Designed;  To help students understand the mechanics of the Norwegian language, advance already acquired knowledge, integrate into the social life and gain perspective of the cultures of Norway; to make sense of daily life with others and cope with daily situations in Norway, and embark on a journey towards some job opportunities.


Is it Your First Time in Norway? Or have you completed the basic Norwegian course but still lack confidence when it comes to understanding, writing and speaking? Or has it been a while since you took a Norwegian language course and are looking to refresh your language skills?


Norwegian Course is For You; You are welcome to enroll in one of our courses starting soon or already in progress. After few lessons you will find that you are able to cope with some of the challanges in Norwegian Language, gain confidence, and embark on a journey towards a great social life and possible job opportunities.


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